Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe - Veg Momos

Want to learn about veg momos recipe. Want to know Momos banane ki recipe also momos ki recipe, here is the recipe. Today I share 2 best recipe of veg momos.
Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe - Veg Momos

Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe - Veg Momos recipe with by point photograph and video formula. basic and sound nibble formula acquired from the customary nepali food. fundamentally, it is plain flour based dumplings steamed with cabbage, carrot and spring onion stuffing. it has become a mainstream road nourishment in india and is normally presented with a red hued fiery and watery momos chutney.
Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe - Veg Momos

Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe with bit by bit photograph and video recipe. india has liberally grasped a large number of is neighboring nations plans in its food. particularly in urban area, these outsider plans has been acknowledged as mainstream evening road nourishment snacks. one such massively well known road nourishment nibble is momos formula which should be possible with bunch and endless stuffing.

momos recipe is extremely regular in my home and I continue setting it up with a wide assortment of stuffings. truly, I wind up making these adorable looking dumpling with any extra dry sabzi's. moreover, to make my life simpler I do get a square-formed momos sheet here in asian grocery stores under the refrigerator area. so fundamentally my main responsibility is to stuff the veggies and shape it as required and steam it till it gets cooked. be that as it may, in this formula, I have exhibited both stuffing and momos sheet without any preparation. momos sheet can be overpowering for a beginner culinary specialist and consequently you can select solidified momos sheets. be that as it may, the stuffing is incredibly basic and can be made in minutes.

The veg momos recipe is very basic and simple to make, yet a few hints and recommendations to improve it. initially, in this formula, I have utilized the plain flour sheets which have an adequate measure of gluten making it perfect for this formula. in any case, this can be supplanted with wheat flour to make it sound and effectively absorbable. also, the vegetable stuffing is totally open-finished and you can blend and match with your decision. guarantee to finely slash the vegetables when utilizing it. ultimately, you can expand the formula by profound broiling these steamed momos in hot oil. I for one like the profoundly seared momos, as they are fresh and more delectable.

Method - 1
Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe - Veg Momos



11/2 cup maida/plain flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

water for manipulating

oil for lubing


3 teaspoon oil

3 clove garlic, finely slashed

1 inch ginger, finely cleaved

2 bean stew, finely hacked

4 tbsp spring onion

1 cup carrot, ground

2 cup cabbage, destroyed

1/2 teaspoon pepper, squashed

1/2 teaspoon salt
Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe - Veg Momos


right off the bat, get ready stuffing by warming 3 teaspoon oil and saute 3 clove garlic, 1 inch ginger and 2 bean stew.

additionally, include 2 tbsp spring onion and saute on high fire.

further, include 1 cup carrot and 2 cup cabbage. pan sear on high fire.

presently include 1/2 teaspoon pepper and 1/2 teaspoon salt.

furthermore, 2 tbsp spring onion and stuffing blend is prepared.

further, squeeze a little ball estimated momos batter and level.

presently dust with some maida and begin to move utilizing a moving pin.

move to practically medium slender circle. around 4 – 5 inch in distance across. ensure you move from sides and keep the middle marginally thick.

presently place a piled tbsp of arranged stuffing in the inside.

begin creasing the edges gradually and assemble everything.

press in center and seal the momos framing a group.

heat a liner and orchestrate the momos in the plate without contacting one another.

moreover, steam momos for 10-12 minutes or till sparkly sheen shows up over it.

at last, veg momos formula is prepared to appreciate with momos chutney.
Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe - Veg Momos

Method - 2

Technique to make Veg Momos: 

For momos formula in Hindi Momos Recipe, first filter the flour and manipulate it with the assistance of water and afterward keep it secured for 60 minutes.
Warmth oil in a fry dish, include onion and garlic and fry it a bit. At that point include ginger, green bean stew, and fry a bit.
Presently include hacked vegetables, curds, dark pepper, red stew, vinegar, soy sauce, salt and coriander leaves and cook while mixing for 2 minutes. Presently your stuffing is prepared. Use it as a filling when it cools.
Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe - Veg Momos

Momos Ingredients:

Maida_ Flour - 100 grams,

Paneer_Paneer - 1/2 cup (ground),

Cabbage_Cabbage - 01 cup (finely cleaved),

Carrot - Carrot - 1/2 cup (ground),

Capsicum - 01 (medium size),

Onion_Onion - 01 (finely cleaved),

Green bean stew - Green stew - 01 (finely slashed),

Ginger_Ginger - 01 piece (ground),

Garlic_Garlic - 07 buds (squashed),

Coriander - 2 tablespoons (finely cleaved),

Sesame oil_til oil - 02 tbsp,

Dark pepper powder - Black pepper powder - 1/4 teaspoon,

Red Chili Powder_ Chili powder - 1/4 teaspoon,

Vinegar_ Vinegar - 01 tbsp,

Soy sauce_soya sauce - 01 tbsp,

Salt - Salt - according to taste. Peruse Spring Rolls Recipe

In the subsequent stage of the momos recipe, presently make little mixture from the batter. The batter ought to be large to the point that it tends to be made around 3 creeps round when it is moved dainty. Presently keep the best possible measure of stuffing in the moved puri and close it looking like momos by collapsing it around.
Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe - Veg Momos

Momos Banane Ki Recipe

Presently take Momos Maker Momos Maker. Ordinarily there is a 4-cup momaz utensil, in which the base nourishment is cooked by steam by filling 1/3 of water in the base nourishment and setting the momage in the best 3 mines.

In the wake of setting the momos in the momos remain as depicted above, place it on the gas and cook for eight minutes.
Momos Banane Ki Recipe - Momos Ki Recipe - Veg Momos

Momos ki Recipe

After this, open the stand and take out the momos of the base shape and put it in the highest nourishment and the best ones in the base. In the wake of doing this, cook them for around 8 minutes.
After this, bring down the momos of the center vessel and cook the base momos in the center for around 5 minutes. Momos will be cooked and prepared.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don't have momos stand, you can at present plan momos formula. You fill around 1/2 of the water in a dish and put a steel sifter over it and put momos on it and cook them for 10 minutes.

Take, the technique for making momos was finished. Presently your veg momos Veg Momos are prepared. Evacuate them in a hot plate and present with momos chutney or momos chutney.

Conclusion: All the information is collected from internet and my own recipe. We are trying to help people, keep sharing if you love the recipe.

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